Thursday, October 19, 2006

THE SO CALLED LATIN AMERICA TO REALITY OF ALL OF OUR RELATIONS AS INDIGENOUS PEOPLE TO OUR LAND, OUR RESOURCES, OUR CONTINENT, AND OUR LIFE TO CHOOSE WHO WE ARE AS PEOPLE FREE FROM EUROPEAN TWISTED INTERVENTIONS TO MANIPULATE OUR FUTURE. To the real Americans of this continent called by the invaders as America. The continent in all realities is a stolen continent by the invaders who came from Europe 500 years ago. THEY CAME, THEY SAW, THEY DESTROYED, THEY RAPED, AND PILLAGED everything they could hold with their two pale and greedy hands. They gave no remorse, no respect, and no dignity to the original inhabitants of this continent called America. Ask yourselves "who is the true American on this continent"? The true American on this continent is the Mexican (Mexica), Lakota, the pueblo, the otami, the tarascan, the Maya, the Tolteka, and every and any Indigenous people that were here prior the invasion of the greedy Spaniard, Europeans, and any greedy monster that came from Europe 500 years ago and claimed themselves as the true Americans. Till this day many Europeans are brainwashed and show no respect, shame, or dignity towards the Mexicans, and every indigenous person that were here before the monsters from Europe killed over 125 million people without any type of shame, remorse, or even a slight show of guilt. Today that genocide is not acknowledged by the twisted hypocrisy of the Europeans who are the true parasites on the continent of America. The Vatican as the so called honorable religion is nothing more than breeding ground for massacres, genocide, hypocrisy, and thievery of stolen goods from the Indigenous people of the western hemisphere. Thou shall not steal! And the Vatican holds in its possession that which belongs to the Indigenous people artifacts that make the Vatican not only a thief but holds no shame and denies in lies that which does not belong to them. Today........The state of America intervenes with Mexico, Central America, and South America to still kill the Mexican, enslave the Mexican, the Central American, and the South American indigenous people. Today......They still have no shame, honor, and are out in total darkness with the same genocide committed when they first arrived to this content. Till this day, the European monsters won’t admit their crimes of savagery, genocide, and thievery. Till this day....They intervene in our politics, our economics, our way of life, and our future. Then the European turns around and labels the Indigenous people as lazy, savage, and no good. When in reality it is the European pirate who is lazy, very savage, and not very good for human or natural health. Indigenous people of this continent...We need to study the wicked mind of the European and understand what exactly is being unleashed on our continent to enslave us to serve them at the indigenous expense. The invader and outcasts steal the continent, make themselves the owners and then turn around calls the Indigenous of Mexican descent, Native American, and others as foreigners. IF THAT IS NOT A WICKED pirate and sick parasitic mind, than what is? All Latin America must take hold of their nations, all so called Latin Americans must protect themselves from the stolen continent of America, all Latin American politicians must have a strong mind to withstand wicked European influences of corruption and use moral character of their ancestors to protect their people from European wicked thought of genocide as it is happening in IRAQ over oil and gold. Once the oil is depleted in Iraq, they will go to the south and kill any people that stand on their way without shame, honor, or respect. It’s been 500 years and their rhetoric civilized attitude has not changed one bit. If it’s been 500, the monster will remain a monster. America was created for the Europeans; it was not created for the Indigenous people who own this continent. The world must now judge the invaders who came to this continent and distorted history, committed genocide unmatched by anything. Nature hopes that Europeans change their twisted ways, because nature in itself will not tolerate european wickedness and instead find a way to destroy that which seeks not to co-exist with anything that nature created as sacred life. Latin Americans and Indigenous people must unite if there is to be survival of culture, nature, and a future for all people of any color, unlike the European wicked individualistic racist attitude of even nature in itself.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

Recounting Our Way to Democracy
By ANDRÉS MANUEL LÓPEZ OBRADOR August 11, 2006 Mexico City
NOT since 1910, when another controversial election sparked a revolution, has Mexico been so fraught with political tension. The largest demonstrations in our history are daily proof that millions of Mexicans want a full accounting of last month’s presidential election. My opponent, Felipe Calderón, currently holds a razor-thin lead of 243,000 votes out of 41 million cast, but Mexicans are still waiting for a president to be declared. Unfortunately, the electoral tribunal responsible for ratifying the election results thwarted the wishes of many Mexicans and refused to approve a nationwide recount. Instead, their narrow ruling last Saturday allows for ballot boxes in only about 9 percent of polling places to be opened and reviewed. This is simply insufficient for a national election where the margin was less than one percentage point — and where the tribunal itself acknowledged evidence of arithmetic mistakes and fraud, noting that there were errors at nearly 12,000 polling stations in 26 states. It’s worth reviewing the history of this election. For months, voters were subjected to a campaign of fear. President Vicente Fox, who backed Mr. Calderón, told Mexicans to change the rider, but not the horse — a clear rebuke to the social policies to help the poor and disenfranchised that were at the heart of my campaign. Business groups spent millions of dollars in television and radio advertising that warned of an economic crisis were I to win. It’s my contention that government programs were directed toward key states in the hope of garnering votes for Mr. Calderón. The United Nations Development Program went so far as to warn that such actions could improperly influence voters. Where support for my coalition was strong, applicants for government assistance were reportedly required to surrender their voter registration cards, thereby leaving them disenfranchised. And then came the election. Final pre-election polls showed my coalition in the lead or tied with Mr. Calderón’s National Action Party. I believe that on election day there was direct manipulation of votes and tally sheets. Irregularities were apparent in tens of thousands of tally sheets. Without a crystal-clear recount, Mexico will have a president who lacks the moral authority to govern. Public opinion backs this diagnosis. Polls show that at least a third of Mexican voters believe the election was fraudulent and nearly half support a full recount. And yet the electoral tribunal has ordered an inexplicably restrictive recount. This defies comprehension, for if tally sheet alterations were widespread, the outcome could change with a handful of votes per station. Our tribunals — unlike those in the United States — have been traditionally subordinated to political power. Mexico has a history of corrupt elections where the will of the people has been subverted by the wealthy and powerful. Grievances have now accumulated in the national consciousness, and this time we are not walking away from the problem. The citizens gathered with me in peaceful protest in the Zócalo, the capital’s grand central plaza, speak loudly and clearly: Enough is enough. In the spirit of Gandhi and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we seek to make our voices heard. We lack millions for advertising to make our case. We can only communicate our demand to count all the votes by peaceful protest. After all, our aim is to strengthen, not damage, Mexico’s institutions, to force them to adopt greater transparency. Mexico’s credibility in the world will only increase if we clarify the results of this election. We need the goodwill and support of those in the international community with a personal, philosophical or commercial interest in Mexico to encourage it to do the right thing and allow a full recount that will show, once and for all, that democracy is alive and well in this republic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the mayor of Mexico City from 2001 to 2005, was a candidate for president in 2006, representing a coalition led by his Party of the Democratic Revolution. This article was translated from the Spanish by Rogelio Ramírez de la O.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

United States of America and Israel Genocide on Lebanon
The current invasion and occupation of israel on palestine and Lebanon is genocide of ethnic cleansing based on cowardice to exterminate the weak and defensless children and the elderly. It being perpatrated by bullies who show no remorse for any small child or that of any human life who do not pose a threat to anyone. The Bullies with with heavy duty weaponry, fighter jets, and bulldozing tanks. Compare that to Laboneese children who have died and will die without any concience or morallity by the Bush Administration and the converted wickedness of the Isreal state. Israel as the puppy dog who kills Indigenous Arab people by United States Skull and Bones Proxy, The bush amdinistration as realistically called the BrotherHood of Death Klan! The Tyrant of America under the skull and bones corrupted klan would like it no other way than to unleash an all out war with the Arab Nation in the name of the Golden Resource God has offered them! So, they take it without asking first! America supports Isreal with over three billion dollars yearly, most of that support is not economic aid, but military infrastructure. Conclusion: Any one who targets children, females, and the elderly is certainly fighting a very easy and dirty war! Zero resistance in hopes to gain a cowardly advantage! We can plainly see that the real terrorist is the United States of America and its lab dog state of Israel. The real Axis of Evil can plainly be seen and its not the Middle east or any nation whose people are of Indigenous descent, but Europeans in America and in Israel. In the name of the mighty gold, called GOD, THE BUSH ADMIISTRATION CALLS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE MIDDLE EAST "DEMOCRACY." WITH EYES OPEN, IT IS PLAIN GENOCIDE AND PURE HYPOCRISY!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Los Angeles, Alta CaliforniaJune 21, 2006LOS ANGELES:
Who betrayed the South Central Farmers? The blame for the eviction of 350 "campesino" families from the 14 acre subsistence South Central Farm in Los Angeles on June 13, 2006 can be pointed towards a number of corrupt Los Angeles politicians, but one stands above all others. This one person is Jan Perry who represents the predominantly Black and Latino 9th District on the Los Angeles City Council, the district where the farm was located. Jan Perry, though an Afro-American, is an unabashed Jew and a full supporter of the Jewish land developer Ralph Horowitz of Brentwood. The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, by mistake, is credited for ousting Jan Perry ( married to Doug Canter) as a "Converted Jew" intheir article authored by Sheldon Teitelbaum titled "Jan Perry Puts DownRoots" which is published at Jan Perry converted to a Talmudic Jew over 25 years ago betraying her Black and Latino constituency. She now works primarily on behalf Jewish interests at the expense of Blacks and Latinos in her district. The 9th Los Angeles Council District is entirely within the historic region of Los Angeles where Blacks, fleeing from White suppression in"Dixie", took roots to escape racism and discrimination. Central Avenue runs down its center, an avenue where Blacks in the early 1900's first establish their neighborhoods. The first Black settlers were Pullmanporters and others who worked on the railroads in nearby Union Station. Among these first Black settlers is the legendary but persecuted, by theLAPD, Billy Holiday. The area is now, like many other minority communities, dominated by Jews in the Democratic Party. Many Black and Chicano representatives are mere lackeys of the Talmudic Jewish dominated Democratic Party of California. The 9th District is the poorest economically in the City of Los Angeles and Jewish Coucil woman Jan Perry has helped keep it that way. The shameful collusion to profit from the 14 acre farm in South Cebtral LA began during the corrupt Mayor James Hahn's administration with the "pay to play" antics of his Jewish fundraiser Theodore Stein. The corrupt Theodore Stein utilized the very same tactics that the Zionist Jew, Jack Abramoff utilized at the federal level to purchase favors from politicians on behalf of Jews and Israel. One case involved Theodore Stein resigning after he was caught attempting to squeeze $100,000dollars from an engineering firm seeking professional work with the Los Angeles International Airport. Others scams involved giving Jewish "land developers" preferential treatment in the granting of "building permits"in Beverley Hills and Malibu.The current situation in Los Angeles lead many to believe that there is a powerful "Jewish Mafia" operating within the city halls of the "Cityof Angels". Many questions need to be answered concerning Mr. Horowitz purchase of the 14 acre "campesino" farm. How was he able to purchase the farm for a mere $5 million ( worth $16 million ) from the corrupt Mayor Hahn in 2003? Was there any collusion in the purchase from otherJewish city council members? Did land developer Ralph Horowitz contribute money to Theodore Stein and/or Jan Perry? And most important of all, why has there not been a "Grand Jury" investigation of Jewish Councliman Dennis Zine for his criminal acts against the South Central Farmers that took place on the evening of April 11 when he along withtwo others pulled a gun on a 13 year old girl at the farm.