Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Los Angeles, Alta CaliforniaJune 21, 2006LOS ANGELES:
Who betrayed the South Central Farmers? The blame for the eviction of 350 "campesino" families from the 14 acre subsistence South Central Farm in Los Angeles on June 13, 2006 can be pointed towards a number of corrupt Los Angeles politicians, but one stands above all others. This one person is Jan Perry who represents the predominantly Black and Latino 9th District on the Los Angeles City Council, the district where the farm was located. Jan Perry, though an Afro-American, is an unabashed Jew and a full supporter of the Jewish land developer Ralph Horowitz of Brentwood. The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, by mistake, is credited for ousting Jan Perry ( married to Doug Canter) as a "Converted Jew" intheir article authored by Sheldon Teitelbaum titled "Jan Perry Puts DownRoots" which is published at Jan Perry converted to a Talmudic Jew over 25 years ago betraying her Black and Latino constituency. She now works primarily on behalf Jewish interests at the expense of Blacks and Latinos in her district. The 9th Los Angeles Council District is entirely within the historic region of Los Angeles where Blacks, fleeing from White suppression in"Dixie", took roots to escape racism and discrimination. Central Avenue runs down its center, an avenue where Blacks in the early 1900's first establish their neighborhoods. The first Black settlers were Pullmanporters and others who worked on the railroads in nearby Union Station. Among these first Black settlers is the legendary but persecuted, by theLAPD, Billy Holiday. The area is now, like many other minority communities, dominated by Jews in the Democratic Party. Many Black and Chicano representatives are mere lackeys of the Talmudic Jewish dominated Democratic Party of California. The 9th District is the poorest economically in the City of Los Angeles and Jewish Coucil woman Jan Perry has helped keep it that way. The shameful collusion to profit from the 14 acre farm in South Cebtral LA began during the corrupt Mayor James Hahn's administration with the "pay to play" antics of his Jewish fundraiser Theodore Stein. The corrupt Theodore Stein utilized the very same tactics that the Zionist Jew, Jack Abramoff utilized at the federal level to purchase favors from politicians on behalf of Jews and Israel. One case involved Theodore Stein resigning after he was caught attempting to squeeze $100,000dollars from an engineering firm seeking professional work with the Los Angeles International Airport. Others scams involved giving Jewish "land developers" preferential treatment in the granting of "building permits"in Beverley Hills and Malibu.The current situation in Los Angeles lead many to believe that there is a powerful "Jewish Mafia" operating within the city halls of the "Cityof Angels". Many questions need to be answered concerning Mr. Horowitz purchase of the 14 acre "campesino" farm. How was he able to purchase the farm for a mere $5 million ( worth $16 million ) from the corrupt Mayor Hahn in 2003? Was there any collusion in the purchase from otherJewish city council members? Did land developer Ralph Horowitz contribute money to Theodore Stein and/or Jan Perry? And most important of all, why has there not been a "Grand Jury" investigation of Jewish Councliman Dennis Zine for his criminal acts against the South Central Farmers that took place on the evening of April 11 when he along withtwo others pulled a gun on a 13 year old girl at the farm.