Wednesday, August 02, 2006

United States of America and Israel Genocide on Lebanon
The current invasion and occupation of israel on palestine and Lebanon is genocide of ethnic cleansing based on cowardice to exterminate the weak and defensless children and the elderly. It being perpatrated by bullies who show no remorse for any small child or that of any human life who do not pose a threat to anyone. The Bullies with with heavy duty weaponry, fighter jets, and bulldozing tanks. Compare that to Laboneese children who have died and will die without any concience or morallity by the Bush Administration and the converted wickedness of the Isreal state. Israel as the puppy dog who kills Indigenous Arab people by United States Skull and Bones Proxy, The bush amdinistration as realistically called the BrotherHood of Death Klan! The Tyrant of America under the skull and bones corrupted klan would like it no other way than to unleash an all out war with the Arab Nation in the name of the Golden Resource God has offered them! So, they take it without asking first! America supports Isreal with over three billion dollars yearly, most of that support is not economic aid, but military infrastructure. Conclusion: Any one who targets children, females, and the elderly is certainly fighting a very easy and dirty war! Zero resistance in hopes to gain a cowardly advantage! We can plainly see that the real terrorist is the United States of America and its lab dog state of Israel. The real Axis of Evil can plainly be seen and its not the Middle east or any nation whose people are of Indigenous descent, but Europeans in America and in Israel. In the name of the mighty gold, called GOD, THE BUSH ADMIISTRATION CALLS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE MIDDLE EAST "DEMOCRACY." WITH EYES OPEN, IT IS PLAIN GENOCIDE AND PURE HYPOCRISY!